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[Mon Jul 25 08:07:02 CST 2005]
Well that was easy. I have added the -c option to the command line for the server. This will allow a user to define an external xml config file.
Plan on releasing it today or tomorrow.
[Mon Jul 25 08:07:02 CST 2005]
Well that was easy. I have added the -c option to the command line for the server. This will allow a user to define an external xml config file.
Plan on releasing it today or tomorrow.
[Fri Jul 22 11:01:42 CST 2005]
New changes in the wind
A new request come in, however, I'm on vacation this week but will get to it ASAP.
  • Move the server config file outside the jar
New Release went out today. Biggest update is the support for sub-directories
To start the server, you can use the testServer or startServer.bat or run it from the command line with java -cp jauusClient_1.062205.jar integrity.server.IntegrityServer

To run the client click the executable Jar file. If your system does not recognize executable jars use the command line option: java -cp jauusClient_1.062205.jar integrity.client.JAUUS

The new delay arguments are: -delay [unpossible|none, slow, slower, slowest, long]

[X] The biggest change is the new support for subdirectories. Took me a while to fine-tune this but it now does recursive subdirectories and will create the new directories if they do not exist and the copy the files into it.
[X] An additional tag has been added to allow for the exclusion of extensions as well <excludeExtentions>
[X] A new argument to support how long of a delay between each read/compare/fetch for each file. This was due (honesty) so I could debug it without changing the code every time so make sure I was getting the right results. But it appears to have value in some situations.
[X] There are so many code changes in this release that it can not longer be considered a -patch- or -update-. So I'm going to release it as version 1.062205
[X] The version has a lot more optimization in it, none of my part sadly, but it was due to the way I had to write it so it would support the recursive subfolders. It just worked out for the best.
[-] Create a single server file (as one user suggested, thanks Matthieu) as opposed to one for each client.
[-] Fix the -nogui bugs (this is gone into the annoying state...I'm going to have to rewrite a lot of code to get this to work. It's on my list...but it happens to be at the bottom.

This one comes in the form of a request and since I have been asked by the team here at work to put this in...I'll make the time ;) 

Date:      2005/06/11 Sun AM 03:17:22 EDT 
To:        steve
Subject:   JAUUS

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the quick response, but you don't need to worry about my
After all, the problem was not the proxy, I thought it was, but after a
more careful analysis I found the problem and I have it working.
Thank very much for this software, it is truly great and it was just what
I need.
It's a shame that it doesn't support sub directories, if it did it would
be perfect!

King regards,

I have to admit, this came as a huge surprise to me;

Date:      2005/05/20 Fri AM 02:41:45 EDT 
To:        steve
Subject:   JAUUS

Hi Steve,

I've been looking for software to auto update a java
app I have. My app doesn't need client interaction or
any of the bells and whistles of Power Update and
similar apps. I wanted something that simply checked a
location on a server somewhere and updated it if there
was a new version. Your software suits this task
perfectly. Within a couple of hours (most other people
wouldn't take that long but I'm not very smart :) it
was up an running perfectly. Well done on a great
piece of software that does one thing and does it very
well. Thanks for your efforts in it's development.

Best regards,
12/03/2004 - 8:32 am

Still rolling over the idea of pulling the client config out out of the jar...but haven't made a decision on that one yet. 

Changes in today release.
Graphic Icon will now show up. If you were starting the client via the command line you might have seen this error:
                    at javax.swing.ImageIcon.<init>(Unknown Source)
                    at integrity.client.JAUUSUI.jbInit(Unknown Source)
                    at integrity.client.JAUUSUI.<init>(Unknown Source)
                    at integrity.client.JAUUS.<init>(Unknown Source)
                    at integrity.client.JAUUS.main(Unknown Source)

That was due to the wrong image file being copied over in the ant script. This has since been fixed.
A second change was added to put the calling client IP to the IntegrityThread.

Also, I have ran all of the code thru PMD (another SourceForge project)  HomePage

     > Steve

JAUUS Release Version 0.120304.01

Client/Server Jar File

[ MD5 ]: f675e04e32b80926e728d8eda7afec37

Development Source


[ MD5 ]: 6232f07c3bad401b590a8ccc6a13770c

11/22/2004 - 8:47 am

I'm at some what of a quagmire right now.  I want to change the client/server again to use external files so the software can easily be ported from location to location and app to app without building a new jar file every time.  However, there is a core part of me likes the fact the config file is bundled.  

     > Steve

11/18/2004 - 9:44 am

A lot of changes are going into this release. The old client and server will not work with this release

In addition to the comments noted earlier I have completely revamped the way the server and client handle file transfer.  In the older versions the entire file was being read into a byte array, then passed along. This worked great on high-speed, internal networks and very small files. However, when a large file, or slow network, was being used the client just "sat" there not doing anything...that was too annoying for even myself so I re-wrote the code to read 1024 bytes then write them. Also added is a File Progress bar that shows the transfer of the file so the client doesn't have to ask themselves if it's even working.

UPDATE: New UI Screenshots available 

JAUUS Release Version 0.111104.01

Client/Server Jar File

[ MD5 ]: 2d876b2aecc4c78db3f56bcb9bdd7971

Development Source


[ MD5 ]: fae283b3a2a917d1b0f9a72fe7b5b31a

     > Steve

11/18/2004 - 8:20 am
This is a short release and I'm going to put it under development. It now fully supports the -nogui command. I also changed the kiddy background to something a little more professional. 

Will have the new working copy out later today

     > Steve

11/11/2004 - 11:05 am
Releasing a new Production Version.  This one has a few changes in the way files are saved during download and then deleted. Some OS's had a problem deleting the old file. This one seems to having fixed that.  Also added a new command utility to the server shell script.  
jauusServer -shutdown  Will now shutdown any running server on local host.

It was brought to my attention that a number Windows box's seem to have port 1025 in use. If this is happening on your box, please edit the server.properties and client.properties to matching port numbers. For *nix systems the port number should remain above port 1024. Otherwise, you will need root access to start it ( and that is STRONGLY urged against)

You will also not this version is much smaller than the older version. This was achieved by dropping the Xerces the libraries and using SUN's xml API. 

JAUUS Release Version 0.111104.01

Client/Server Jar File

[MD5]: 7124aa54fd33205a9438eadd144b9d58

Development Source


        [MD5]: 350f1537201ce0c0cc7b94da44dc27b6

     > Steve

First Build is out and ready.  This is a complete working version, HOWEVER, it does contain all of the development source
You can either use JBuilder or good old reliable ant, Jikes (from IBM) is strongly recommended and finally you will need a version of the JDK or JVM if your not planning on compiling.  JDK 1.4 is recommended for easiest compile. This is due to the XML API that SUN included in the 1.4 release.  However, if you have an older version, the software can be ran by adding Xerces.

JAUUS Release Version 0.110604.01
[MD5]: 00970a42486e7d2efe72545fe013407c

External/Third-party Software
Ant: http://ant.apache.org  (recommened)
Jikes http://oss.software.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/jikes/:  (recommened)
JDK: http://java.sun.com/  (required)
Xerces: http://xml.apache.org/  (required if your JDK version is < 1.4 )

     > Steve

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